Case Study: She Gets Global Clients Flying Into See HER! (Because of Video Marketing)…

video marketing case study tracey

How Video Marketing Online Can Skyrocket ANY Biz and Even Make You a Mini-Celebrity In Your Niche (Without even trying)… I recently got on a call with Tracey Rose. Tracey’s out in Australia and she’s killing it with a niche business in a little known market. I wanted to find out what Tracey was doing…

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This Quick Prospecting Tip Will Increase Your Sign-Ups. Period!

prospecting tip

Do you get a little paranoid when you’re talking to prospects on the phone… And then talk so much that you screw it up (even when it’s a red-hot prospect?) I used to do the same thing. All the time in fact. It was killing my sign-ups and so I HAD to figure out how…

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You’re Just 90 Days Away from…


Transformation isn’t always easy. If it was everyone would be doing it right? Or is it much easier than we make it out to be? Truth is… that depends on YOU. It starts with a decision to change TODAY. And that decision will feed your actions, and your actions will feed your results. I’ve packaged…

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How to Get Up and Keep Fighting Even When You’re Burned Out With Your Business…

mlm burnouts

Sometimes you can’t help yourself. At some point or another you’re going to feel burned out from your business. Yet it’s how you handle that feeling that says whether… …or not you’re going to be successful or not. In life, most people who get kicked to the ground once…will stay down. Very few will get…

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Bright Lights & Big City Syndrome – Is This Addiction Ruining Your Business?

mlm prospecting tips

Do you know what addiction will stop your business dead in it’s tracks as soon as there’s trouble in paradise? You bring a person into your business, and that person is connected to tons of people. They’re a big FISH! And you just “know” that as soon as they join your business, they’re going to…

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Here’s The One ESSENTIAL Tool Every Network Marketer Needs..

mlm crm management

Have you heard of CRM? If not then you’re going to want to. Why? Because it lets you stay on top of one of the most critical elements of your business. See what I mean in the video below…   The Bluesman “Proven Online Marketer, Fitness Coach, and Bad*ss Blues Guitarist Takes Your Home Based Business,…

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If You Are Not Focusing On Customers Then You Are Dead Wrong

mlm customers

Are you making the HUGE mistake that even the top network marketers make? Are you only pushing the biz opp side of your business? I tell you why that’s a horrible idea and why you’re dead wrong in this video… It’s actually not your fault. It’s something that the industry pushes…but they’re abso-friggin’-lutely out of their minds. And so…

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How To Change Your Negative Attitude To A Positive One in 16 secs..

life is simple but we complicate it

Post by The Bluesman. Try this exercise and it is impossible NOT to have a positive happy attitude! I know it might feel a bit weird or corny or whatever word you want to use. But go into a closet or lock yourself in the bathroom and do it! Even use your voice and crack up in laughter!!…

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How To Make Youtube Playlists & One Super Duper Trick No One Uses!

henry ford dont find fault find a remedy

#mlm #networkmarketing #youtube #youtubemarketing Alright I know, videos rock but sometimes we do not have time to watch 10 min videos…. Our attention spans are going down the drain and I will be the first one to admit. Because of this, I started my lighting fast tutorials!! Less than 2 min full tutorials. How do…

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What Is Consistency Exactly?

helen keller sunshine

So what does it truly mean to be consistent? We all here about it and know its important but how should we be consistent? The Bluesman

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