How This One THING Can Ruin Everything


Really the way you think about whatever you do will result and create just that. Its a super secret way to make everything ( 90%) work out awesome for you! Here is a quick exercise – whenever you feel negative about something, try to create a pleasurable and positive moment towards it. After seeing it,…

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How To Use Instagram Video For Marketing

mark twain secret

The Bluesman

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Feelin’ Unbalanced Stinks..

rotten apple

So in this post today, I really wanted to get you guys some great training on Instagram, but… It’s taking me too long to put it together and will not have it out until tomorrow, so I decided to let you in on a sneak peak into my life and what I do – really…

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Are you having any fun in your business? I SURE AM ;)


The Bluesman  BTW:  I am about to raise the price of my TUBE TRAFFIC MOJO FAST START COURSE to $97 , you can get it here still at $27 – more info here

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How To Brand Your Youtube Channel For Success!

small minded people

The Bluesman  BTW:  IF you got value out of this , let me know your thoughts and shoot me over a like as bread for today

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Is This BAD MISTAKE Ruining Your Videos?


Hey sometimes I have to catch myself from looking at my beautiful hair on camera but this is a big NO NO when it comes to shooting videos. Now YES there is a time and place for looking away from the camera, but most of your videos will be talker ones. So make sure you…

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Why You Are NOT where you want to be…


Remember if you need some guidance  do NOT feel afraid to reply to my email! Hit me up and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I know this sounds cliche but if you truly look at your business and see that it is not where it should be, look at what you did…

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Video App Of The Month New Episode!

walt disney

Welcome to my new series the Video App Of The Month. Where I go over a new cool video app to help you take your video marketing to cool creative spiffyliciousness This month we are going over the 8mm Vintage App from Nexvio Check out the cool examples of others using this app The…

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Daily Routine Of Successful People (20 min Exercise)

weeding your mind

Daily Routine Of Successful People – this is a cool 20 min productivity exercise that you can do daily, weekly and monthly to create more success in your life. If you have too much in that big ole’ brain of yours, how can you be efficient? I actually did this training with my 90 Day…

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Bluesman & The Challenge ( Ice Cold )

mother teresa

The Bluesman  BTW:  A couple of months ago I did a webinar called Email Marketing Mojo on how to use email to sign up and make more sales! Click Here To Find Out More!  

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