Happy Halloween 2014 Message

halloween mlm 2014

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! The Bluesman "I Show Home Based Business Owners / Network Marketers How to Attract More Prospects, Get More Signups Using Online Video.” More FREE Training below!

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How To Change Your Negative Attitude To A Positive One in 16 secs..

life is simple but we complicate it

Post by The Bluesman. Try this exercise and it is impossible NOT to have a positive happy attitude! I know it might feel a bit weird or corny or whatever word you want to use. But go into a closet or lock yourself in the bathroom and do it! Even use your voice and crack up in laughter!!…

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How To Make Youtube Playlists & One Super Duper Trick No One Uses!

henry ford dont find fault find a remedy

#mlm #networkmarketing #youtube #youtubemarketing Alright I know, videos rock but sometimes we do not have time to watch 10 min videos.... Our attention spans are going down the drain and I will be the first one to admit. Because of this, I started my lighting fast tutorials!! Less than 2 min full tutorials. How do…

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What Is Consistency Exactly?

helen keller sunshine

So what does it truly mean to be consistent? We all here about it and know its important but how should we be consistent? The Bluesman

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Using This Will Increase More Engagement & Conversions In Your Videos!

new path

How To Use Youtube Annotations { Tutorial } - Use annotations on your videos to increase viewership, engagement, and subscribers. Unfortunately I see very few use this FREE powerful tool Youtube provides..   The Bluesman

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Why You MIGHT be doing Labor Day wrong!

labor day message

Labor day rocks because its truly your day!! We seem to forget ourselves during this weekend. Don't understand well, listen up... Labor Day Special 50% off Email Marketing Mojo! Learn how to use email to generate more sales and signups.. use code fed7e7fba3 here.. http://bluesmanofmlm.com/email-marketing-mojo The Bluesman

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Bluesman's Chicken Mango Salad Of Love ??

chicken mango

Welcome To My New Weekly Series - The Salad Face-off! Today is the Bluesman's Chicken Mango Salad Love! So what does this have to do with business? A lot, you should be eating healthier, whats the point of making money if you get sick Actually this started off as a simple challenge between my good…

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How This One THING Can Ruin Everything


Really the way you think about whatever you do will result and create just that. Its a super secret way to make everything ( 90%) work out awesome for you! Here is a quick exercise - whenever you feel negative about something, try to create a pleasurable and positive moment towards it. After seeing it,…

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How To Use Instagram Video For Marketing

mark twain secret

The Bluesman

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Feelin' Unbalanced Stinks..

rotten apple

So in this post today, I really wanted to get you guys some great training on Instagram, but... It's taking me too long to put it together and will not have it out until tomorrow, so I decided to let you in on a sneak peak into my life and what I do - really…

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